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My friends call me Birdie and I have a passion for photography. I've always cherished family photos. My husband gave me my first 35mm Nikon camera and enrolled me in photography classes at the local community college back in 1978, and I was hooked! There wasn't a lot of time for anything other than family and vacation snapshots in those days for a busy wife, mother and working critical care RN, but I have boxes, frames and albums filled with those photographs! I've had a camera close by ever since.

Now that I am retired I've been able to focus on increasing my knowledge and have worked hard at refining my skills in composition, new cataloging and developing software, specific camera skills and techniques, and new processing software and capabilities. I've updated my computer, software, cameras and equipment. My current cameras include an old trusty Nikon D90. a new Nikon Z7 and an iPhoneX.

To me photography isn't about documenting a place, an event, or a bird; rather it is about a feeling, a story and/or an emotion experienced during a special moment. Those times are often fleeting occurrences that can only be captured and shared through patience, knowledge, perseverance, hard work, a lot of luck and good equipment. In my experience, the harder you work, the luckier you get. For several years I practiced every single day.

Photography is an art. Choosing a subject, composition, the use of color and light are all creative choices the photographer makes before the shutter is released. Development and processing are the photographers creative and artistic interpretation of that moment. Specific club, contest, or magazine rules may determine how much processing is permitted for their images; however, photographs created as art for display have no rules except what is pleasing to the artist and buyer.

I describe my artistic style and photographic niche to be reflecting those feelings of peace, serenity, joy and humor that I experience when immersed in God's beautiful and diverse nature garden. I love all off nature but find a special joy in walking along beaches and watching birds, so these are most often my subjects. I am a Beach Birdie and am fortunate to live at the beach in NE Florida, so those Atlantic beaches are the ones I most frequently photograph. 

I want to share the joy I experience, and work hard to create beautiful art that will bring these same emotions into your home, office or place of business. 

Berdella Gibbs